School GPS-Great Positives & Strategies

School GPS is devoted to schools and teachers who are getting it right.  We need to celebrate school and teacher accomplishments!  We can learn from other educators and find solutions via their successes.

Below is a website for a district in Indiana…Carmel Clay Schools… recipient of Blue Ribbon and Green Ribbon Awards.  I was impressed with their Accomplishments page.   Recognition is given to members of the school community in various ways.  I also enjoyed Want More Accomplishments? .

I will be researching to find more GPS for all of you.  Please share your stories!

Carmel Clay Schools


Edutopia…Teachers Share Ideas and Strategies

Edutopia is “a comprehensive website and online community that increases knowledge, sharing, and adoption of what works in K-12 education.”  Many dedicated teachers provide their ideas and strategies that are working in classrooms.  Great Blogs by educators!




During my research…I came across this education blog entitled MindShift.  Stories Teachers Share link at the top is quite good.