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Professional Development : Bullying Prevention

On Sunday, October 6, 2013, approximately 50 education majors attended the first of three professional development lectures linked with bullying prevention. Lecture I was presented by Pam Countoris, PA Cares Bullying Prevention Specialist, and PA State Trooper Dempsey, a law enforcement officer who has worked especially in the field of cyber bullying prevention. Both speakers… Continue reading Professional Development : Bullying Prevention

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College Students are Very Much Alive and Well!

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of presenting two workshops at the SPSEA Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Over 200 college students gathered to discuss the future of teachers and their plans for becoming the newest educators in the schools. I say “privilege” because that is just what it was…an opportunity to cherish. Both workshops… Continue reading College Students are Very Much Alive and Well!

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The Family…National PTA Redefines

As I prepare for two presentations, which I will give at the Student PSEA conference in April, 2013, one particular workshop will focus on how teachers should work with parents. Renee Jackson, Ed.D, Manager, School Relations & Diversity for the National PTA sent me an email inclusive of information linked with effective family-school partnerships. What… Continue reading The Family…National PTA Redefines

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E-Portfolio = Virtual Identity

The e-portfolio, otherwise referred to as the electronic portfolio, has become a significant requirement in many teacher preparation colleges and universities. Whenever it is linked with field experiences and internships, the e-portfolio is referred to as a digitized collection of artifacts created by the student. Andria Antiliou, a Graduate Student Affiliate from the Schreyer Institute… Continue reading E-Portfolio = Virtual Identity

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STEM…Alive and Well!

In 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the first STEM conference presented by Norwin Area School District. What began in a high school auditorium evolved into a major conference at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh one year later. Keynote speakers David Burns, Director of STEM Innovation Networks at Battelle and Dewayne Rideout,… Continue reading STEM…Alive and Well!

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The Flipped Classroom…What is it really?

The first teachers to ever “flip their classrooms” were Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams. Jonathan Bergmann has taught high school science for 25 years. He received the Presidential Award for Excellence for Math and Science Teaching in 2002 and was named semi-finalist for the Colorado Teacher of the Year in 2010. Aaron Sams has been… Continue reading The Flipped Classroom…What is it really?

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Have You Heard about BYOT?

For the past few years, many school districts had banned students from bringing mobile devices into the classrooms. Many teachers and administrators believed that cell phones, iPads, and other technological devices were distractions in the classrooms. However, there appears to be a new movement with regards to reconsidering policies that restrict the use of technology… Continue reading Have You Heard about BYOT?

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Need a Little Positive…Check Out PS 22!

Have you heard about the successful fifth grade chorus known as PS 22? If you have not, then you need to learn about the incredible accomplishments and success stories that are linked with 10 year old students and one teacher in Staten Island, New York. This chorus is among the best in the nation…and, according… Continue reading Need a Little Positive…Check Out PS 22!

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What College Freshmen Need…Hope and Support!

There will be many new students who will be leaving their family homes and setting out for their newest homes found on college campuses. Saint Vincent College will be greeting the freshmen in August during the week before other students arrive. In fact, SVC provides an orientation program “to better the integration of the first-year… Continue reading What College Freshmen Need…Hope and Support!

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New Teacher Evaluation Bill…Good, Bad, or None of the Above?

A new state-wide teacher evaluation system may be used very soon in Pennsylvania. Karen Langley, a reporter for the Harrisburg Post-Gazette Bureau, stated “Current law prevents the use of test scores or other measures of student achievement to judge teachers, leaving districts to rely on classroom observation. Under the proposal that unanimously passed the House,… Continue reading New Teacher Evaluation Bill…Good, Bad, or None of the Above?