Teachers… It’s Time to Re-energize!

It is that time of year for teachers and students to enjoy a few days at home during the Christmas break.  These days were always appreciated by my colleagues and me.  It was a time for being with my family, especially my husband and daughter, whom I sometimes neglected because the hours of each day were focused around the teaching schedule and the after school responsibilities like grading papers, writing lesson plans, preparing activities, etc.

The “break” would soon end and January brought a long span of teaching time that was only interrupted by inclement weather and a few staff development days.  I learned quickly after my first year of teaching…in order to be the best teacher for my students I had to use the Christmas break as a time for re-energizing physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I needed to sometimes “regroup”…returning the first day in January as a teacher who greeted students with a more positive attitude than what they saw in me prior to the end of the past year.

Many times…only teachers and administrators understand how drained we feel after four months with students.  I no longer make any attempt to explain that fact to people who criticize because teachers have a Christmas break and who consistently express their displeasure linked with how educators may feel.  Teachers have “empty tanks” by the end of December and deserve a few days of refueling their brains.

I encourage you to re-energize prior to January.  Use the time to focus on you and how you can begin the new year feeling less stress.  There will always be stress…however, it can only be managed when you believe you can make a difference.  In order to have that mindset…you must re-energize when you are given the time.

Below are links to articles that support this idea.  I have included one linked with summer rejuvenation for teachers.  It is applicable right now…in December.

Have a wonderful holiday experience!  Anticipate a beginning to 2017 that brings you positive experiences with your students.

Re-energize Your Classroom

Re-energize yourself

Have less stress

Summer re-energizing










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