Teaching After Election…”I Still Believe…”

The past few days since the presidential election have been filled with many emotions.  I have thought about teachers in our country who may be facing students with conflicting opinions, fear about the future, and anger that brings unrest in the schools.

I have been searching for stories depicting how schools are working to build unity within the classrooms.  Unfortunately, in my searches, I find stories that tell about incidences exemplifying hatred and anger towards those who are different…towards those who voted differently than their families may have…towards Donald Trump who is this country’s President Elect.

I appeal to all educators…we must take the lead in squelching the negativity linked with the presidential election and results.  This is a challenging task…once again teachers will be expected to put their personal biases and beliefs aside.  Rather…they will be charged with the responsibility of teaching all students to find ways to get along and learn from this election.

In my quest to find positive stories…I found the one below.  Please read.  This Social Studies teacher motivated her students, most of whom are Hispanic and come from poverty, to declare what they still can believe.  Her dedication to supporting them and her overwhelming spirit to teach without bias is what we need to exemplify.

I Still Believe Lesson

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