Creative Thinking…A Journey to Successful Learning

I have always believed students who are motivated to use creative thinking will be successful learners.  During the many years I taught…I discovered when we allow children and teenagers to think creatively and innovatively…and we value their ideas…the results for success are like Kodak moments…”priceless”.

Here is a website that provides wonderful ideas linked with creative thinking.  Sarah, the author of the site, describes herself as a “natural living mama and teacher”.  Her quiet bins idea is terrific.

Check her website below.  Be sure to share your creative thinking ideas with other readers and me on this blog!

Middle School and High School teachers…think about allowing your students to create quiet bins for the students in primary grades.  This would be a great project for any school district.  Deliver the final bins within the district or to low income schools!  


Quiet Bins and Creative Thinking Ideas

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