What Are Our Students’ Hopes?

Schools are opening their classrooms to students throughout the country.  Some have returned to begin the new school year while others anticipate their first day.

This school year I plan to show more videos linked with schools, students, and teachers.  I want to make my blog as inspirational as I can…insuring messages and information are always positive, motivational, and helpful.  I believe we would agree…these types of messages are welcomed especially during times when so much in our world is portrayed as negative.

The video I have selected was created by a school district in Missouri.  It is the Parkway School District and the video is entitled What is Your Hope?.  

I encourage all teachers and administrators to follow the lead of this district.  Imagine placing a chalkboard outside and inviting students to answer one question that could lead to shaping the school year for students.  Imagine designating a place in the classroom where students could freely express what they want to learn.  Imagine administrators and teachers working together to fulfill what students desire.

Enjoy the first days of school.  Greet your students by demonstrating in some way they are valued by you!

Be sure to scroll down on Facebook page, when you link below, and learn how awesome this district is…watch the Kindergartener video as well!!!

What is your hope?

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