End of School Year…Keeping it Interesting

For many teachers and students, the end of the school year is about a month away.  This final time is an opportunity to allow students to apply their learning which has developed throughout the entire year.

I have always believed that I learned more about my students during the final month of school.  I understood the value of tests and state assessments (even though I disagreed with the belief that these were the only tools for knowing what a student was capable of doing academically).  For me…the month of May and beginning of June was a time when I could allow my students to engage in activities that stimulated creative thinking and demonstrated to them that learning could be fun.

Please link to the sites I have provided in this blog.  Allow your students to participate in activities that they help plan and execute.  And…if one day is focused on one activity…great!  My students enjoyed a day in which they built indoor tents with items from home.  They planned what was needed…built the tents in small cooperative groups…and completed activities linked with the subjects in their tents the entire day.  This was one of my favorite days.

Make the end of the school year memorable for your students!

Memorable Activities

End of Year Lessons

End of Year Activities

Virtual Fieldtrips






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