Appreciate Teachers…Many are Heroes!

Did you know National Teacher Day is May 3, 2016?  I remember the first week of May when our school’s PTO, parents, and local community showed appreciation in many ways to the teachers…it was awesome (Thank you Haine School and Cranberry Township).  They organized a special luncheon and gave us gifts…not to mention our principal gave each of us something special.  It was so wonderful to know they cared about us.

During the first week of May…consider writing a note to a teacher you had who made a difference.  So many give their time and efforts to their students every day.  Stay away from being a member of the “teacher bashers”…rather, focus on how teachers are motivating students and meeting their needs as well as they can.

If you are a teacher…be sure to remember and honor a colleague or other teacher who helped in making you a great educator.  Teacher appreciation should also occur among teachers.

Check out the National Education Association’s website regarding this special May event!!!!

NEA and National Teacher Appreciation

President Obama’s favorite teacher


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