“Stay Humble and Kind”…Great Teaching Lesson

I had the opportunity to watch the Country Music Awards recently.  Tim McGraw sang his newest song, Humble and Kind.  If you have not heard this song be sure to check out the link below…absolutely awesome video.

Teaching students to be humble and kind is very important.  Many teachers have bulletin boards linked with highlighting positive things students do for each other…especially in the classroom and school. There are books that have been written regarding this theme and have been read to children in primary and middle school grades.  Anti Bullying programs have been instituted in various school districts…addressing the significance of treating each other fairly and, when possible, helping bullies change to positive people.

Please, as educators and parents, visit the sites below.  Learning is successful when school and home environments support being kind.  Think about creating discussion forums with students that promote ideas of how humility and kindness can occur more in the schools and within communities.

And…if including lessons linked with this theme take away from teaching math, reading, and other subjects…so be it! The best teachers know how to incorporate life lessons into every subject required.  Their students will be better contributors to the learning environment that motivates.


Tim McGraw sings Humble and Kind

Lyrics for Humble and Kind

Ideas Website

Books About Kindness


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