Questions By Students Not By Teachers

When a person googles “Student Questioning Strategies”, many websites, pdf documents, and published articles are listed.  In doing this myself…I discovered an article on a website which got my attention.

As I think back to the 30+ years of teaching, I reflect on what I would have changed with regards to teaching lessons and engaging my students more.  After reading the article For Students, Why the Question is More Important Than the Answer, I can unequivocally say I would have allowed my students more time to ask questions as opposed to me taking the stage and setting the tone for every lesson.

I especially like the phrase used in Rule 1 in this article…Give License to Ask.  Are we as teachers allowing students to ask questions and to independently think or are we directing questions and deciding how they will think?  Unfortunately, I believe the freedom teachers want to give students when it comes to learning has been stifled by mandates and education regulations…this, motivating the latter choice in the previous question for many teachers.

Consider the strategies mentioned in the article below.  When students know they have permission to ask and their questions are valued as tools for learning…the possibilities for success in the lessons are endless!

Students Ask Questions


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