Are You Encouraging or Discouraging?

Every student…regardless of age…deserves encouragement by teachers and parents.  I believe, that more than ever, the youth of America need to feel that they can learn, grow, and develop into positive people.

One important tip is to personalize the encouragement.  For teachers, this means using the student’s name when stating or writing words of encouragement.  Instead of saying “I knew you could do it!” state the praise by adding the student’s name…”I knew you could do it, Donna!”  By personalizing, the student feels the one on one relationship that he/she deserves in the classroom.

It also helps when positive comments are written on homework or assessments being returned to each student.  Attempt to write the comment including the name…”Wonderful interpretation, Dave”.

Here are links to lists of encouraging words!

Praise Ideas


Bring Out the Best in Kids








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