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I Am Graduating from College…Now What Do I Do?

CNN Money reported that “This year’s college graduates are being offered more jobs and fatter paychecks.”  When one begins to read the article, they would think that there is hope…there are possibilities…there exists a light at the end of the tunnel for students who are leaving colleges within the next month.

Then the reader goes onto read “But the competition is steep, with employers reporting that they have received nearly 33 applications for every job posting, up from 21 applications per posting last year.” Suddenly what was encouraging becomes depressing.

Can college graduates remain positive whenever the media sends such negative messages?  Is it even possible for those transitioning from campus life to independent adult life to succeed in starting their careers?  Was it worth the time and effort exerted by the college student during the past 4 or 5 years?

The answer to all three questions…yes!  It is a matter of committing oneself to believing that no matter what the negative outlook may be…the goals that are set can be met successfully.  This will mean developing the “I can do it no matter what!” attitude.

How does one develop that attitude in a world that tends to be so cynical?  First, understand that many people do not believe this world to be cynical.  There are many who erase from their minds the thought that there is no hope.  These people dedicate their lives to overcoming the obstacles and refraining from any involvement with others who envision problems as roadblocks.

Surrounding oneself with positive people is a great start to heading in the direction that will lead to successful outcomes.  It has been proven time and again…when people surround themselves with “doom and gloom” people, they immediately increase the population of that type of group.  However, when people join the group that looks forward and pursues goals with extra efforts, they discover endless possibilities.

College graduates must realize that they can reach the goals linked with the careers for which they were prepared.  Stop listening to the people who wish to convince you that you will be a product of unemployment and hopelessness.  Fight back and say “No matter what you say to me…I am going to reach my goals”.  The stories are endless whenever it comes to young people starting out with very little and finishing with more than ever expected.

There are really only two types of college graduates.  One is the weak person who waits for someone to show the way and tell you why you will not reach your destination.

And the other… the passionate graduate who states for everyone to hear “Bring it on…here I come!”

Which college graduate are you?



Originally posted on Donna Hupe’s blog on the Saint Vincent College website.
Opinions and views are her own, and not that of the College.

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