What is Student PSEA?

More than 10,000 college students who are majoring in education have joined the state organization “for college students operated by college students” known as Student Pennsylvania State Education Association.  The state teachers association has supported this organization for many years.  The belief is that education majors need an outlet for current information related to educational strategies, issues, and major changes in laws linked with teaching.

SPSEA continues to provide various resources that are needed by those college students who are preparing to be teachers.  One such resource is the publication known as the “Shout Out!” This is a bi-monthly e-newsletter which keeps student members informed on happenings within Student PSEA. It focuses on current issues, provides quick updates, and spotlights activities and events that are going on around the Commonwealth.” (SPSEA website)

One major reason for becoming a member of SPSEA involves having liability coverage while working with students on and off campus.  Education majors must earn extra field experience hours and must complete pre-student teaching/student teaching before graduation.  Whenever they are working with students, it is important that the education major have coverage in the event that he/she may be held liable for some situation that arises involving a student(s).  By belonging to SPSEA, education majors receive $1 million coverage.

The Saint Vincent Education Club is an organization on campus that is directly linked with SPSEA.  The advisor is Dr. Veronica Ent and the president of the ED Club is Sarah Dillon. Kalyne Linville, a senior at Saint Vincent College, is the Region SPSEA President for the local area.  Information regarding the upcoming SPSEA conference (March 30-31) can be received by contacting Sarah Dillon atsarah.dillon@email.stvincent.edu.  The deadline for attending the SPSEA conference at Penn State is Friday, February 24.

Mrs. Donna Hupe, adjunct lecturer, blog author, and field experience supervisor at Saint Vincent College will be a presenter at the SPSEA conference.  She will be presenting two workshops.  One involves how to be organized as a first year teacher and the second is linked with how to apply what one learns as a student teacher.

Other information regarding SPSEA can be found at:

(information about SPSEA Conference, 2012)

(how to join SPSEA)

(information regarding liability insurance)

(student resources)



Originally posted on Donna Hupe’s blog on the Saint Vincent College website.
Opinions and views are her own, and not that of the College.

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